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Enjoying Sake

Sake is not just meant to be drunk; it is meant to be savoured. It is served in restaurants, bars and lounges in square wooden boxes called masu or in small glasses. It is a good idea to drink sake in wine glasses in order to enjoy its full colour, aroma and flavour.

Sake is often served with meals. Depending on its colour, bouquet and aroma, it brings out the flavour of fish and meat. Sake can be served with hot dishes and can also be served with snacks such as rice cakes or ginkgo seeds.

To enjoy sake to the full, you need a certain ambience – a beautiful view, good company or fireworks complement the ceremony of drinking sake.

The best temperature at which to enjoy sake
There are 3 ways to serve sake; warm, room temperature or chilled. Sake can be warmed in various ways. The most common is in a professional sake warmer which is used in many Japanese restaurants. Another way to warm sake is to microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and the most ideal way is on the stove in hot water until the sake is warmed to the temperature you desire. Most premium sake are consumed at room temperature or chilled much the same way as white wine.

How to store sake
Sake is a delicate alcoholic beverage. It is extremely sensitive to light and heat and should be handled in the same manner as wine. Store sake in a cool, dry dark place where no direct sunlight can affect the delicate balance.

Chilled Sake