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The teppan-yaki kitchen was originally created in the beginning of the 18th century by Japanese immigrants to America who wanted to fend off their homesickness.

The Japanese arriving in the New World were used to different kinds of food and kitchens, and so their homesickness was accompanied by a longing for well-known specialities. They took all available ingredients from their new home and cooked them on a steel griddle with their favourite seasoning, soy sauce.

Over the years, this kind of preparation was improved and also spread within Japan. Typical ingredients grilled on the teppan are often the best on the market, and include beef, duck, shrimps, scallops, lobsters, and chicken with soy bean sprouts, courgettes and other seasonal vegetables. Eating in teppanyaki restaurants is always an exciting event for the guests as they can watch the chefs elegantly prepare their dishes right in front of them.