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Japanese Curry Roux and Premix

Curry rice is one of the most popular home-style menus in Japan. The recipe relies on ready-made curry sauce mix, curry roux. Japanese curry is completely different from Indian curry, both in terms of taste and texture. It is deliciously thick and mild as various vegetables such as carrots, onions, potatoes, mushrooms and aubergines are simmered together.

Pork Curry Rice, Beef Curry Rice and Katsu-Kare (Curry Rice with Pork Cutlets)

JFC can provide major Japanese popular brands of curry roux such as:

  • S&B
JFC can also provide a major Japanese brand premix for Japanese popular home-style menus like Stew, Hashed Beef (Hayashi) and MaboTofu.

Beef Stew, Cream Stew and MaboTofu

Katsu-Kare - Curry Rice with Pork Cutlets