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Japanese Sake

The origins of sake can be traced back to a fermented rice beverage brought to Japan from China in the third century B.C. Since then it has evolved into a unique and sophisticated alcoholic beverage that is of great cultural significance to the Japanese people.

JFC is the Japanese sake expert. We will gladly provide our best sake selections for your food business. We can also keep developing further and better line-ups of Japanese sake varieties because JFC has its own import partner in Japan, Pacific Trading Co. Ltd. Moreover, JFC is always looking for local sake producers in Japan – from north to south and from east to west – whose sakes have excellent reputations.

Sake is a delicate alcoholic beverage that is extremely sensitive to light and heat. JFC treats sake very gently. We import sakes from Japan in refrigerated containers and store them in our refrigerated storage room in much the same way as good quality wine is stored in a temperature-controlled cellar.

As the JFC Europe Group enjoys an excellent partnership with a number of reputed sake brewers, we have been able to introduce some of their best selected sakes to the European market. Our line-ups of these sake brewers are listed here.

Sake is also in frequently used as a seasoning, in much the same way as wine. Besides adding its own flavour, sake helps other flavours to be absorbed. It also counteracts strong odours and tenderises meat. It is used in teriyaki sauce, marinades, and sake-steamed clams.

Recommended products:

Quality: Junmai-syu
Taste: uncomplicated, dry
Rice polishing ratio: 70%
Alcohol content: 14,7%
Origin: USA

The international brand of Japanese sake
  • Ozeki, Japan’s leading manufacturer of sake, began producing sake in California in 1979.
  • "Ozeki Super Dry" is a standard sake from the USA.
  • "Ozeki" is the name given to a top sumo wrestler

Quality: Futsu-syu
Taste: fresh, dry
Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Alcohol content: 15,4%
Origin: Niigata

The most popular sake from Niigata, a region renowned for its snow
  • The Niigata region: the centre of Japan’s sake production – alongside the traditional Nada (Kobe) and Fushimi (Kyoto) regions
  • "Snow Country" is the name of famous novel by Yasunari Kawabata (winner of the Nobel Prize in 1977)
  • Mount Hakkaisan (i.e. holy mountain)

Quality: Junmai-Daiginjo-syu
Taste: charming, slightly tangy
Rice polishing ratio: 48%
Alcohol content: 16,2%
Origin: Kyoto

The finest-quality sake from the former imperial city
  • The best part of the rice grain (only 48% !) is used
  • Contains 100% Bizen-Omachi rice
  • Traditional sake brewery since 1673
  • Official suppliers of sake to the Shogun

Quality: Honjozo-syu
Taste: strong, dry
Rice polishing ratio: 65%
Alcohol content: 15,0%
Origin: Kobe

A strong-tasting Otoko sake (male sake) from Kobe, a traditional centre of sake production
  • A premium brand from the Ozeki Brewery – The Ozeki Brewery is a leading producer of sake from Nada (Kobe)
  • Brewed by traditional tanba-toji (master sake brewers)

Quality: Junmai-syu
Taste: full flavoured, slightly tangy
Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Alcohol content: 15,9%
Origin: Ishikawa

Sake brewed according to traditional methods
  • Yamahai Method
    • Only naturally cultivated lactic acid bacillae are used
    • That is why production takes much longer than the normal method. As a result, the sake has a stronger and fuller flavour
    • Is an ideal accompaniment to strong-tasting foods (e.g. meat) and milk products (e.g. cream, butter and cheese)

Quality: Junmai-Daiginjo-syu
Taste: elegant, dry
Rice polishing ratio: 58%
Alcohol content: 16,5%
Origin: Kochi


Cooking Sake

Sake is also in frequently used as a seasoning, just as wine is. Besides adding its own flavour, sake helps other flavours to be absorbed, counteracts strong odours and tenderises meat. Used in simmered vegetable dishes, teriyaki sauce, marinades and sake-steamed clams, as well as in many varieties of Japanese dishes.

Recommended product:

  • Ozeki Cooking Sake 19L
    This is Ozeki Cooking Sake, one of the authentic Japanese sake brands for professional Japanese cooks.