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Komesu - Rice Vinegar

Rice vinegar is milder and has a gentler flavour than fruit and wine vinegars. Traditionally brewed rice vinegars are fermented for several months. Rice vinegar, like other vinegars, helps to preserve foods for longer periods, prevents vegetables from discolouring and removes bitterness. Used in dressings, sushi rice and pickles.

Recommended products:

KIKKOMAN Seasoning for Sushi with Rice Vinegar 300ml

More and more amateur chefs are preparing sushi in their own kitchens. KIKKOMAN Seasoning for Sushi is the perfect seasoning for sushi rice. Also suitable for fresh salads and for marinating meat and fish. 3% acidity.

Rice-flavoured distilled vinegar. This blended vinegar is made by fermenting wheat sake cake, rice and corn extract with alcohol. Popular among sushi professionals.

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