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Miso - Soy Bean Paste

The main ingredient in Miso is soybeans, which are full of high-grade protein. There are many types of miso, but they are generally divided into two categories: "Aka" - red and "Shiro" white.

Red miso is generally dark brown with a distinct aroma and flavour, whereas white miso tends to be lighter and sweeter.

Recommended products:

JFC Marukome Boy Dashiiri Miso (Soy Bean Paste), 1kg

This is a convenient soy bean paste flavoured with salt and dashi. It can be added to miso soup, marinated fish, miso ramen noodles or any other daily -la-carte menus.

Also available:

  • JFC Marukome Shiro Miso 20kg (for professional use)
  • Hanamaruki Okasan Miso 500g / 1kg
  • Hanamaruki Aka Miso / Shiro Miso 20kg (for professional use)

Miso Soup