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Nori - Roasted Seaweed

These are sheets of dried seaweed that have been roasted under a heat lamp. Nori is a source of high-grade protein, calcium, carotene and iron. Select nori that is shiny, dark and crisp. Nori is used to wrap up rice, as in sushi and rice balls (onigiri). Nori is also used to add special flavour to fried and meat dishes and soups.

Recommended products:

Roasted seaweed sheet for making for maki sushi or temaki sushi . YAMAMOTOYAMA  is one of the most authentic brands of seaweed and tea.

  • YAMAMOTOYAMA Sushi Nori Gold (50 sheets)
    mainly for high-class professional usage

  • YAMAMOTOYAMA Sushi Nori Edomae
    the 10-sheet packet is suitable for home usage too