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Sauces for Japanese tastes

Various types of ready-made sauces are commonly used in Japanese cooking.

Teriyaki Sauce
Teriyaki is a grilled fish or meat dish marinated in a simple mixture of soy sauce and mirin, a sweet sake used for cooking. The lustrous sheen of the sauce after cooking gave rise to the name "teriyaki", which means "glaze-broiled".

Teriyaki was first prepared in Japan centuries ago and its sweet-savoury flavour and rich mahogany glaze have been universally popular since KIKKOMAN introduced the taste of teriyaki in a bottle over 30 years ago.

Chicken Teriyaki / Buri Teriyaki / Salmon Teriyaki

Recommended products:

  • KIKKOMAN Teriyaki Sauce 1.9L bottle / 250ml bottle

Yakitori Sauce
Yakitori is a traditional Japanese dish of grilled, skewered chicken. The key to truly delicious yakitori (more information is available on this page) is the sauce. Each yakitori shop adds its own top-secret combination of ingredients to a base of boiled-down soy sauce and mirin to make an original sauce.

Recommended products:

KIKKOMAN Yakitori Sauce
KIKKOMAN Yakitori Sauce is perfect for original yakitori. It is produced with KIKKOMAN’s naturally brewed Soy Sauce and other selected ingredients. Alternatively, use it as a sauce for grilled meat or pour it over hot steamed rice.

Tonkatsu Sauce / Chuno Sauce
Originally Worcestershire sauce was brought into Japan 100 years ago, but its flavour has been adapted to suit several original Japanese tastes. Tonkatsu Sauce and Chuno Sauce is popular among Japanese people as an accompaniment to Tonkatsu pork cutlets and cabbage salads. Compared with the smooth and spicy taste of Worcestershire sauce, Tonkatsu sauce has a sweet, fruity flavour and a thick texture, while Chuno Sauce has the characteristics of both Worcestershire and Tonkatsu sauce.

Potato Croquettes with Tonkatsu Sauce

Recommended products:

Tonkatsu Sauce / Chuno Sauce
JFC can provide the popular Japanese brands Tonkatsu Sauce and Chuno Sauce:
  • Otafuku
  • Bulldog

Men-Tsuyu – Japanese Noodle Soup
Japanese noodle soup for soba, udon, somen etc. consists mainly of soy sauce, sugar and dashi. Ready-made men-tsuyu is also becoming popular among Japanese cooks for adding flavour to a dish and creating a perfect balance between the taste of soy sauce and dashi. Men-tsuyu is now one of the most important Japanese seasonings.

Recommended products:

  • KIKKOMAN Hon-Tsuyu 300ml / 500ml / 1L / 1.8L bottle

Yakitori with beer