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Tofu is produced from soybeans and has hardly any flavour of its own. It is highly versatile and easily absorbs the flavours of the other ingredients in a dish. Tofu is very popular in vegetarian dishes as a substitute for meat due to its high protein content.

Tofu also has no cholesterol and is easily digestible. Tofu varieties include regular, silken, firm and soft. In addition to hiyayako (chilled tofu), tofu appears in soups and nabe, and in various simmered and deep-fried dishes.  

Recommended products:

  • House Tokusen Kinugoshi Tofu (Soft) 283g
  • House Sukui Tofu (Extra Soft) 340g

  • House Premium Tofu - Medium Firm Tofu 396g
  • House Premium Tofu - Soft (Silken) Tofu 396g
  • House Premium Tofu - Firm Tofu 396g