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JFC customers not only receive the finest-quality products from the best manufacturers and countries of origin but also the best possible offer and delivery service. For example, as part of our ongoing innovation and diversification, new and interesting products are constantly being tested and integrated into our current delivery portfolio.

Goods are supplied regularly throughout Europe via JFCs delivery service - almost exclusively with the companys advanced trucks, which are specially equipped for the transport of sensitive foods. To supply wider European markets, JFC also employs hand-picked third-party distributors who are able to fulfil JFCs high quality standards and meet the demanding requirements of this rapidly expanding market.

Our service is based upon efficient back-office organisation and communication, well controlled, state-of-the-art storage systems, cooling technology with a strict and exact temperature-monitoring system and, above all, an efficient routing plan to guarantee the fastest-possible delivery. The latter is particularly important given the large number of cooled or deep-frozen foods that we transport.

High-quality sake, miso - soy bean pastes and Japanese pickles are imported in refrigerator containers to ensure that goods are always perfectly temperature-controlled. Organised warehouses contain a myriad of products and are fully equipped with large-capacity refrigeration and freezer units.